Men of Crich Parish who died during war service

Their memorials


Seventy-five men with Crich Parish connections lost their lives during the Great War.

The families would have received a condolence certificate from the King and Queen.

Certificate from the King War Death

The table records where they are remembered on the various war memorials.

    Crich inside plaque Crich outside cross Memorials elsewhere
Amatt Joseph Ernest Named Named  
Anderson Albert Named Named  
Atkins Gilbert Named Named  
Barber James Named Named  
Berresford John Stanley Harrison Named Named  
Bingham James Hunt Named Named  
Bowmer John Named Named  
Bowmer Vernon Named Named  
Bown Frederick Charles   Named  
Brann Percy William Named Named  
Brown Frederick Named    
Brown Thomas Samuel Named Named  
Buckley Fred Named Named  
Bunting Willoughby Named Named  
Byard John William Named Named  
Chambers Charles Named Named  
Coleman Luke Named Named  
Cooke Duncan Named Named Wesleyan, Crich
Croft Walter Lucas   Named  
Curzon Alfred Named Named  
Curzon John William Named Named  
Curzon Walter Named Named  
Dawes Joseph Named Named  
Donaldson John Named Named  
Duggan John Thomas     Little Eaton
Durie Christopher Named Named  
Else William Edwin Named Named  
Frost William Named Named  
Gibbons John Turner Named Named  
Gibson John Maurice      
Gough John Named Named  
Gration George Frederick Named Named  
Greenhough Vernon Named Named  
Gregory Ernest Named Named  
Griffin Harry     New Mills
Hall Frank Arthur Named Named  
Harris Charles Named Named  
Hartle Charles Named Named Wesleyan, Crich
Hartle Harry Sylvester     Belper
Hartle Thomas Named Named Wesleyan, Crich
Haslam George Named Named  
Holmes Charles Named Named  
Holmes Charles Francis Named Named Lea Mills
Johnson Ernest     Burnley Holy Trinity Church
Johnson Wilfred Henry     Burnley Holy Trinity Church
Kneebone John Thomas Named Named  
Leafe Thomas Edwin Named Named  
Lynam John Thomas Named Named  
Mason James William Named Named Wesleyan, Crich
McLarty Hector Named Named  
Mellors George Named Named Wesleyan, Crich
Mellors (Mellows) John Named Named  
Murphy James Crowder Named Named Sawmills
Perry George Named Named  
Perry John Henry      
Petts Hubert     Alderwasley & Lea Mills
Prince John Samuel     Burton on Trent
Rodgers Amos Named Named Sawmills
Rodgers James Named Named Sawmills
Roe John Thomas Named Named  
Ross Alexander Named Named Wesleyan, Crich
Sargent Henry Westbury Named Named  
Shipstone George Named Named  
Smith George Parkinson Named Named  
Smith Samuel Harris Named Named Seaton Carew
Smith Thomas Named Named  
Stevenson Robert Named Named Wingfield Park
Taylor Joseph Henry     Alderwasley
Taylor William Named Named  
Wain Charles Named Named Alderwasley & Sawmills
White John     Sawmills
Whitehurst Albert     Brailsford
Williamson Arthur Ernest Named Named  
Wragg (Rodgers) Frederick Named Named Sawmills
Wragg John Thomas Named Named Wesleyan, Crich

Final Resting Place of War Casualties


Province: HAINAUT

Ploegsteert Memorial: Comines-Warneton [no known grave]

John Stanley Harrison Berresford
John Donaldson


Bedford House Cemetery: Leper (Ypres)

Frederick Brown

Dickebusch New Military Cemetery Extension: Leper (Ypres)

Joseph Henry Taylor

Dozinghem Military Cemetery: Poperinge

Willoughby Bunting
John Thomas Roe
John White

Duhallow A.D.S. Cemetery: Leper (Ypres)

George Shipston

Haringhe (Bandaghem) Military Cemetery: Poperinge

Thomas Smith

Tyne Cot Memorial: Zonnebeke [no known grave]

Albert Anderson
Vernon Greenhough
George Haslam
John Thomas (Jack) Kneebone
George Perry
John Thomas Wragg

Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery: Leper (Ypres)

William Edwin Else

Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial: Leper (Ypres) [no known grave]

Hubert (Bert) Petts
Arthur Ernest Williamson


Department: AISNE:

Unicorn Cemetery, Vendhuile

Charles Holmes

Department: NORD:

Anneux British Cemetery

Ernest Gregory

Le Grand Beaumart British Cemetery, Steenwerck

Thomas Edwin Leafe

Iwuy Communal Cemetery

Walter Curzon

Department: PAS-DE-CALAIS:

Arras Memorial [no known grave]

Joseph Dawes
Christopher Durie
Wilfred Henry Johnson
John Mellows (Mellors)
John Henry Perry
Alexander Ross
George Parkinson Smith
Albert Whitehurst

Bienvillers Military Cemetery

Joseph Ernest Amatt

Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux

John Gough [no known grave]
Robert Stevenson

Cambrin Military Cemetery

Harry Griffin

Etaples Military Cemetery

Walter Lucas Croft

Faubourg D’Amiens Cemetery, Arras

Harry Sylvester Hartle

Five Points Cemetery, Lechelle

Hector McLarty

Foncquevillers Military Cemetery

Percy William Brann

Fouquieres Churchyard Extension

James William Mason

Gommecourt Wood New Cemetery, Foncquevillers

Luke Coleman
John Maurice Gibson

Houchin British Cemetery

Samuel Harris Smith

Le Touret Military Cemetery, Richebourg-L’avoue

John Thomas Duggan

Metz-En-Couture Communal Cemetery British Extension

John William Byard

Windmill British Cemetery, Monchy-Le-Preux

John William Curzon


St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen

Duncan Cooke John Samuel Prince

Department: SOMME

Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension

Charles Hartle

Albert Communal Cemetery Extension

Henry Westbury Sargent

Bazentin-le-Petit Military Cemetery

Ernest Johnson

Becourt Military Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt

Fred Buckley

Contay British Cemetery, Contay

John Thomas Lynam

Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension

Charles Wain

Daours Communal Cemetery Extension

Thomas Samuel Brown

Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery, Manancourt

William Frost William Taylor

Thiepval Memorial [no known grave]

John Bowmer
Alfred Curzon
James Crowder Murphy

Tincourt New British Cemetery

Charles Francis Holmes



Cologne Southern Cemetery: Cologne

James Barber


Struma Military Cemetery

Amos Rodgers


Basra Memorial [no known grave]

Charles Chambers

Kut War Cemetery

Thomas Hartle



St Mary’s Churchyard: Crich

Gilbert Atkins
James Hunt Bingham
Vernon Bowmer
Frederick Charles Bown
John Turner Gibbons
George Frederick Gration
Frank Arthur Hall
Frederick Wragg

County: DEVON

Plymouth Naval Memorial: Plymouth

James Rodgers


St. Woolos Cemetery: Newport

Charles Harris


St Margaret’s Churchyard: Cley-Next- The-Sea

George Mellors