Roll of Honour – CRICH

Belper News and Derbyshire Telephone 13 November 1914

The following list was of Crich area men who enlisted as volunteers during 1914.

We have information all the men except John Davies, Joseph Perry and C. Stanley.

Allen, Walter, Bull Bridge, N and D
Bollington, George, Crich
Brann, P W Crich,
Booth Fred, Fritchley
Burr, W E, Crich
Brown, William, Fritchley, N and D
Brown, D, Crich
Bollington, Alfred, Crich
Colman, Edward, Crich
Colman,, William, Crich
Curzon, William, Crich
Coleman, Thomas, Crich
Coleman, Luke, Crich
Cooke, Duncan, Crich
Curzon, John, Crich
Curzon, Alfred, Crich
Cauldwell, John, Crich
Cowlishaw, Arthur, Fritchley
Davies, John, Crich
Dyson, S, Crich
Frost, William, Crich
Goodall, James, Bull Bridge
Greenhough, Thomas, Crich
Harrison, William, Crich (wounded)
Harrison, Arthur, Crich
Heappey, Lot, Crich
Knowles, Charles, Bull Bridge
Kneebone, John, Crich
Litchfield, John, Crich
Mellors, George, Crich
Mason, Charles, Crich
Minkley, Horace, Fritchley
Macdonald, Acting-lieutenant, Ian, Crich
Martin, Wilfred, Crich
Mellors, Walter, Crich
Needham, James, Bull Bridge, N and D
Perry, Joseph, Crich,
Porter, John, Crich
Pierpoint, Robert, Crich
Perry, Charles, Crich
Perry, Arthur, Crich
Perry, Maurice, Crich
Rodgers, Amos, Fritchley
Redfern, Harry, Crich
Rodgers, H, Crich, RN
Street, Edwin J, Crich
Stanley, C, Crich, Warwick Yeomanry
Stanley, J R, Crich
Sims, H, Crich
Smith, George, Fritchley
Tomlinson, A B, Crich
Townsend, Ezra, Crich
Walker, John W, Crich
Wain, Charles, Coddington
Wragg, John, Crich
Wragg, Samuel, Crich