Crich Knitting Guild

Newspaper Reports

Derbyshire Courier 15 February 1919
With untiring energy since its formation the Crich Knitting Guild has contributed in no small degree to the comfort of the Crich men serving with the colours. Through their energetic secretary, Mrs J. Pagne, of the Dimple, it is announced that the Guild has sent out to the service man from the Parish 850 pairs of socks, 12 pairs of mittens, £1 in cash to the wounded soldiers, and17s 6d to prisoners. In addition 220 boxes of cigarettes and 20 bars of toffee were sent out for Christmas, 1916 whilst £12 5s, equalling a shilling per man, was contributed by the Guild to the Crich Christmas Gifts Fund, and an equal amount per man given to the 1918 Christmas Gifts Fund, made a total of £11 10s.
Letters of thanks to various members of the Crich Christmas Gifts Committee for the gifts received are still coming to hand. One of the latest acknowledgements received by the Committee's chairman Mr L.H. Griffiths, is from Fat Mesopotamia. Evidently the gifts are meeting with a better fate than on some former occasions.