Crich Baptist Chapel Roll of Honour

Sadly the Roll of Honour to the twenty-two Baptist members who went to serve has "disappeared". All that remains is a few references in the Baptist minute book of the time and a newspaper report in the Derby Evening Telegraph dated 1916.

Derby Daily Telegraph, 14 February 1916
An event of unusual importance in connection with the Baptist Church and Sunday School at Crich which took place on Saturday, this being the presentation of a roll of honour, generously given by a prominent Derby Baptist member. Prior to the gift being transferred to the church and school, an excellent tea was partaken of at the Council School, this also being provided by the same gentleman, and his invitation to the members of the church and congregation was widely accepted.
After tea the company adjourned to the Baptist Church, and Mr S. Walker, of Derby, presided over a large gathering. Here the roll of honour was presented, this containing the names of 22 scholars who were serving King and country, being handed over by the chairman. Mr Walker complimented the church and school on the splendid response made by it to the country’s call, and it was highly creditable, not only to the denomination, but to the village. He hoped the roll of honour will revive many happy associations of the past, and that the members would prepare to give, on return, a loyal and faithful welcome to our soldiers. Short addresses were given by Messrs. T. Ashton and G. Lander, representing the church, and Messrs. H. Dyson and A. Haslam on behalf of the Sunday School, after which a sincere vote of thanks was conveyed to the gentleman presenting the roll of honour. Mr A. Morgan, of Derby, in a brief address, complimented the Ladies Committee on the excellent spread they had provided. During the evening the choir rendered the anthem “The House of the Lord”, “Wellingborough,” and “The Banner of Christ.” In replying to a vote of thanks for the president Mr Walker expressed the meeting’s appreciation of Mr W. Henry Cowlishaw for preparing the roll of honour.

Baptist Minute BookCourtesy Alan Flint

3 Jan 1916
Short meeting held to discuss Mr Walker’s kind offer of a Roll of Honour.
Decided to accept and a Committee of Ladies and Gentlemen appointed to carry out.

1 Feb 1916
Gentlemen’s Committee met to decide who should be invited; and the names of those who were to be included on the Roll:
Parents or relative to represent the soldiers
Members of the congregation
Two senior classes of scholars
First girls
Tea in Council School at 4.30
Meeting in Chapel 6.00
Speakers: Messrs Ashton & Lauder for Church
Messrs Dyson & Haslam for School

12 Feb 1916
function duly held when a very good number turned up.
Mr Walker expressed his appreciation of the way the affair had been conducted, and handed over the Roll of Honour, containing 22 names.

26 Aug 1916
in consequence of the Crisis through which the country is passing and the importance of having lights screened, Mr Dyson moved that we take steps to darken the windows in the chapel from October 1. Mr Lauder supported. Carried

26 Aug 1916
the question as to a suitable place to hang the Roll of Honour was introduced, and after some discussion Mr Lauder proposed that it be placed in the centre of the wall facing the pulpit Mr W Cowlishaw seconded. Carried Mr Curtis moved that the secretary be responsible for seeing this is done.

8 Oct 1916
Secretary read letters from Messrs Andrew and Whiting expressing their inability to fulfil their engagements, the former owing to his nervousness re-Zeppelin raids.

9 Apr1919
Secretary to be asked to complete the Roll of Honour. Mr Todd proposer Mr Cowlishaw seconder approved.