Frederick Smith (1899ā€“1962)

Second Lieutenant

Royal Flying Corps
Royal Air Force
6/15075 42 Training Squadron

Photos courtesy Hilary Smith

Frederick Smith in WW1

Frederick Smith in WW1

Photo courtesy Stephanie Colson

Fred Smith and brothers in WW1

Lā€“R Brothers: Sam Smith, Frederick Smith, John James (Jack) Smith

With thanks to Simon Johnson
Frederick Smith was born on 4 June 1899 at Ambergate to Fred and Rebecca Smith. His father died in 1902 aged forty-one and his mother went on to marry Samuel Fox in 1905. Before the war the family lived at Park View, Fritchley, and he worked as a clerk at Bull Bridge Lime Works. He enlisted 22 October 1917 into the Royal Flying Corps just before it became the Royal Air Force on 1 April 1918. He had a distinguished service career being Mentioned in Dispatches 1 May 1918 and promoted to 2nd Lieutenant 17 August 1918. Frederick Smith married May Bradley 1929 December qtr (Belper reg district).

Service Records
Frederick Smith; born 4.6.1899; TR 6/15075; Private; 12th TRB (AFB 2512)
Hastings 20CW 22.10.17 Cadet
SMA Denham 1.2.18
[Note: Malcolm Cambell (later Sir Malcolm Cambell) was appointed Assistant Instructor for 6SMA at Denham Aerodrome in December 1917 just before Frederick was transferred there. SMA was the School of Military Aeronautics]

Census /347 GS (General Service)
6 Wing 0 174, 19.10.18; PUPO, Fit GS Ground duties only, Army Cat. B; 16.10.18
Honours: L.Gaz Mentioned in Dispatches 1.5.18
Civil Occupation: Clerk: J.P. Hamilton, Bull Bridge Lime Works, Ambergate from 4.1.16 until 30.6.17

Frederick Smith; born 4 June 1899; Park View, Fritchley; next of kin ā€“ Mrs R Fox, mother, Park View, Fritchley
06.04.18: 42 F. Squad 42 TB
24.08.18: 2 Flight Sch
07.10.18: 42 TS
17.08.18: Promoted 2nd Lieut
14.10.18: Highfields
14.11.18: RD Blandford 42TS
19.03.19 Demobilized, transferred to unemployed list

London Gazette

30 August 1918 Issue 30876 Page 10191
17th August 1918
Frederick Smith
2nd Lt


1901: Matlock Road, Heage

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
Fred Smith Head 40 Wire drawer Willington
Rebecca Smith wife 36   Ambergate
John J Smith son 12 Wire drawer Ambergate
Mary Smith daughter 11 Wire drawer Ambergate
Lucy Smith daughter 9   Ambergate
Samuel Smith son 7   Ambergate
Fred Smith son 1   Ambergate

RG13 Piece 3230 Folio 110 Page 7

1911: Hill Top, Fritchley

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
Samuel Fox Head 33 Foreman platelayer Derbyshire
Rebecca Fox wife 46   Derbyshire
John Smith stepson 22 Wire drawer Derbyshire
Samuel Smith stepson 17 Wire drawer Derbyshire
Fred Smith stepson 11   Derbyshire
Herbert Smith stepson 9   Derbyshire
Flo Fox daughter 5   Derbyshire

RG14PN20983 RG78PN1251 RD436 SD4 ED12 SN161

1939 Register: The Homestead, Woodlands Lane, Belper
Frederick Smith b. June 1899 ; rating officer and collector
May Smith b.1 May 1896
two closed records