James Stanley Lee (1891–1965)


Warwickshire Yeomanry 2321  
(Royal) Army Service Corps R/382076  

Derbyshire Courier 9 September 1916

newspeper photo of James Stanley Lee

James was the son of James and Hannah Lee, born in 1891 at Crich and lived in the Market Place, Crich. He enlisted in 1915 and was wounded in 1916 when fighting the Turks in the Kotia Sinai Desert. He was hit in the left shoulder by one bullet and in the abdomen by another. He was treated in the British Red Cross hospital at Giza. He married Eleanor Martyn in 1924, moved to London, and by the 1930s he was a managing clerk for a solicitor.

Medal Roll Index Card
He was awarded the Victory, British War and 15 Star medals.
Warwickshire Yeoemnry Pte. 2321 & ASC/RASC R/382076
Entered Egypt 19.8.15

Transferred to RASC 12.3.18

Newspaper Reports

Derbyshire Courier, 26 August 1916
Trooper S. Lee, formerly of Crich

Derbyshire Courier, 9 September 1916
Wounded Crich Yeomen's Experiences
In a recent issue of the "Courier" we briefly intimated that Trouper Stanley Lee, of the Warwickshire Yeomanry, has been wounded in action, whilst helping to push back the Turks. In this brilliant work it will be remembered that the Warwickshire Yeomanry played a gallant part. Our correspondent has now received a full particulars of how Trooper Lee was wounded. These having been forwarded from his parents Mr and Mrs J. T. Lee of Edgbaston, to whom Trooper Lee vividly described the fighting.

He was wounded at Kotia Sinai Desert on 4 August, when he was hit in the left shoulder by a bullet and in the abdomen by another. The latter has been extracted and it will soon be able to have the stitches removed. He says: "it is absolutely perfect to be between white sheets once more, after not having had one’s clothes off for a month. The boys are still doing good work in the desert and the people at home have no idea of the difficulties the fellows have overcome, what with lack of water, septic poisoning, and so on. I cannot describe to you what it was like riding from the firing line to Anzac loop which was ten miles away. I thought the journey would never end. My shirt and coat were all torn away, but the worst of all my horse kept attempting to lie down with me. I have no idea what our casualties are, but I know our troop officer was killed on the 5th, and more on the 7th. There are three more of our fellows in here, so we hope to have a nice time in a little while. I am sending you the bullet which had been extracted. I'm all over bandages round my chest and stomach, and septic sores on both hands, so can't write very well, and I certainly look a mess, but I'm very lucky indeed to be alive. We were 400 yards away from the Turks and I was firing like Hell I can tell you. My rifle was red-hot and so was my blood. Many of the fellows had their rifles choked with sand. Send me word how the Crich lads are getting on."

Trooper Lee is in the British Red Cross hospital at Giza, Cairo. He enlisted in the Warwickshire Yeomanry during the early stages of the war and since has his arrival at Egypt has taken part in some heavy fighting against the Turks. He is the eldest son of Mr and Mrs J.T.Lee who recently left Victoria House,Crich to live at Edgbaston.


1901: Crich

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
James Thomas Lee Head 44 Grocer and draper Crich
Hannah R Lee wife 34   Crich
Olive M Lee daughter 12   Crich
James S Lee son 9   Crich
Edward V Lee son 4   Crich
Margaret H Lee daughter 2   Crich
Mary Ann Lee mother (wdw) 73   Codnor Park
Martha Coleman servant 15 Domestic servant Crich

RG13 piece 3231 folio 65 page 16

1911: Hereford

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
James Stanley Lee Boarder 19 Grocers assistant Crich

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