George Henry Henson (1898–1978)


Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 46348  

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Photo of Heorge Henson

George Henry Henson was born at Crich on 14th October 1898. He was the second of the six children of Lewis Henson and Elizabeth Ann Harrison, all of whom were boys. George was a lifelong resident of Crich.
Prior to the war George was employed on the Clay Cross Company’s mineral railway running between Cliff Quarry at Crich and the company’s lime kilns at Ambergate. Initially George worked as an engine driver, but spent the majority of his working life maintaining the engines as a skilled engineer.
During the war George served as a Private with the King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry and saw active service in France. He was wounded in action, being shot through the leg, and spent a period in convalescence.
Like many of the Crich men he received a postcard and postal order from the Parish of Crich and the Crich Women’s Knitting Guild.

Postcard sent to George Henson in WW1
Postcard sent to George Henson in WW1

After he was honourably discharged from the army, George returned to his occupation as an engineer on the mineral railway and married Eva Dorothy Roberts in 1926. They had three children together, a girl and two boys. After Cliff Quarry closed in 1957, and the mineral railway ceased to operate, George worked for Stevenson’s Dye Works at Ambergate, retiring at 72 years of age. George Henry Henson passed away at Crich on 26 December 1978, aged 80 years.

Medal Index
George was awarded the Victory and British War Medals.

George’s older brother Norman Henson is also listed on the Roll of Honour, as is his uncle Arthur Walker Harrison, and his cousin George Cowlishaw.


1901: Crich Common

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
Lewis Henson Head 27 Horse keeper lime kilns Crich
Elizabeth A Henson wife 26   Crich
Norman Henson son 4   Crich
George H Henson son 2   Crich

RG13 piece 3231 folio 17 page 25

1911: Crich Common

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
Lewis Henson Head 38 Horse keeper lime kilns Belper
Elizabeth Ann Henson wife 36   Crich
Norman Henson son 14   Crich
George Henry Henson son 12   Crich
Harold Victor Henson son 9   Crich
Arthur Henson son 6   Crich
Walter Henson son 3   Crich
not christened Henson son under 1 month   Crich

RG14PN20983 RG78PN1251 RD436 SD4 ED12 SN79

1939 Register: Chapel Lane, Crich
George H Henson b.14 October 1898; locomotive driver fitter, heavy worker
Eva D Henson b.14 May 1903
Three closed records