Roll of Honour

St Mary's Church, Cromford

Cromford Church

In St Mary's Church, Cromford, is a hand-written Roll of Honour to the men who served in WW1.

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Roll of Honor in Cromford Church

Several of these men worked at Lea Mills.

These Men who served in the King's Forces 1914-1918 were worshippers in this Church or residents in this Village

Frank Adkin
Ernest Allen
Frank Allen
John Allen
John Allen +
William Allen +
Albert Allsop
Joseph Allsop
Frederic Alleyne Arkwright +
Richard Alleyne Arkwright
Percy Barber +
Henry Berrisford
Archie Biddulph
Arthur Biddulph +
Charles Biddulph
Ernest Biddulph
George Biddulph
Bernard Bond
Guy Bonham-Carter +
Horace Blanche
Lawson Bland
Frank Boden
Wilfred Bosley
William Bosley +
Henry Botham
James Botham
Joseph Brailsford
Fred Britland
Harry Britland
Robert Britland +
Thomas Britland
Charles Brooks
Clifford Brooks +
Fred Brooks
George Brooks
Arthur Brown
Charles Brown
Charles Brown
Frank Brown
James Brown
John Brown +
William Brown
Enoch Buckley
Frederick Buckley
James Buckley
William Buckley
John Bulman
Ernest Bunting
Fred Bunting
Herbert Bunting
Herbert Bunting
William Bunting
Percy Clay
Richard Clay
Charles Colwell
George Colwell
William Conquest
George Cooper
Alfred Coxon
Robert Dawes
Oswald Dickinson
Tom Dillon
Victor Dillon +
Ernest Eaton
Fred Farnsworth
Harold Farnsworth
Frank Fearn
Thomas Fearn +
Wilfred Fearn
Bert Fryer
Laurence Fryer
Frank Gibbs
George Gibbs
James Gibbs +
Fred Gillott
Herbert Gillott
John Gould
Joseph Gould
William Gould
Thomas Gratton +
William Gratton
Antony Greatorex
Herbert Greatorex
Thomas Greenwood
John Gregory +
Thomas Gregory
Albert Hall
Thomas Hall
Christopher Harrison
George Hodgkinson
Samuel Hodgkinson
Fred Holland
Albert Holmes
James Holmes
Sam Holmes
William Holmes
Tom Huddart
Alexander Hughes
George Jackson
James Jepson
Thomas Keightly +
Alfred Kidd
Frank Kidd
Fred Kidd
Harry Kidd
John Kidd
George Kirk +
Maurice Kirk
William Land
Fred Lloyd
George Lloyd +
Maurice Lowe
Fred Mee
William Mee
Thomas Mitchel
John Moore
Wilfred Morse
William Mottershead
Laurence Musgrave
Laurence Newton
John Oldbury
Alfred Orridge
Harry Padget
Alec Parker
Bertram Parker
Charles Parker
Harry Parker +
Lewis Parker
Samuel Pearson +
William Pearson +
John Pidcock +
Charles Potter
William Potter
Harry Pykett
George Ratcliffe
William Read
Alfred Redfern
Arthur Redfern
Phillip Ridgard
Charles Riley
Arthur Robinson
Charles Robinson
George Robinson
Harry Robinson
Tom Robinson
Herbert Saint
Norman Saint +
Fred Saunders
Albert Seedhouse
Alfred Seedhouse
Edward Seedhouse
John Seedhouse
William Seedhouse
Albert Seeds
George Seeds
Joseph Sellers
Joseph Shaw +
William Shaw
William Sheppard
William Sherratt +
Arthur Siddall
Henry Siddall
Clifford Slack +
Augustus Smedley
Albert Snow
Herbert Spencer
Leonard Spencer
John Stafford
Dick Swift
Albert Taylor
George Taylor
John Taylor
John A Taylor +
Sam Taylor
Wilfred Taylor
William Taylor
Joseph Tomlinson +
James Toplis
George Treece
John Vallance
Hubert Watson
Arthur Watts
Harold Webber
Thomas Webber
Joseph Wharton
Fred Whitworth
Fred Wilbraham
Leonard Wilbraham +
James Wood
Charles Woodiwiss
Herbert Worthy
Thomas Worthy +
Charles Young
Walter Young

Also in St Mary's Church is a plaque to the fallen

Cromford Church plaquue to the fallen in WW1