Jesse Barratt (1890–1949)


Royal Garrison Artillery 177052 99th Siege Battery

Whatstandwell F.C. 1922-23 photo

Photo of Jesse Barratt

Jesse was born about 1890 in Eckington and was named after his grandfather. He lived with his aunt and uncle at Fritchley from a young age. From 1900 he was living in Kirkham Lane, Fritchley where he married Sarah Ann Perry on 4 October 1913 and had eight children. Prior to war service, he worked at Ambergate wireworks. Serving in France, he was captured as a PoW on 9 April 1918 at Laventie and was interned in three PoW camps in Germany: Gardelegen, Dülmen and Giessen. He arrived home to Fritchley in Dec 1918. After demob, he became a dairy farmer at Wingfield Park. He was a wireworker at Johnson and Nephew before the war but afterwards farmed at South Wingfield. Jess played football for one of the Crich Teams. He died at Tansley in 1949 aged fifty-nine.

PoW Records
P.A. 37959/ Gardelegen Camp 1083: Barratt Jesse. Kanon, RGA 99 Siege Battery, 9.4.18, Laventie v.d. front; 25.3.90 Lischkey (Fritchley), Wife, Kirkham Lane, Lischley, Derby

P.A. 3959/ Dulmen Camp 25 : Barratt Jesse 177052, Pte, R. Garrison Artillery, Laventie 9.4.18, No, Lille. Sheffield 25.3.93. Kirkham Lane, Fritchly, Derbyshire

P.A. 40953/ Giessen Camp 23: Barratt Jesse 177032 RGA, 99 S Bty, 9.4.18 Lavantie, 25.3.93 Eckington, Kirkham Lane, Fritshlay, Derby

Jesse was in three Prisoner of War Camps, Gardelegen, Dulmen and Giessen.

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Gardelegen PoW Camp in WW1

Gardelegen PoW Camp, liberation

Courtesy Paul Sheldon

Dulmen PoW camp WW1

Dulman PoW Camp WW1

Dulmen PoW Camp.
Steven Bollington was also a prisoner here

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Giessen PoW Camp WW1

Giessen PoW Camp 1915

Newspaper Reports

Derbyshire Courier 18 May 1918
Gunner Jesse Barratt, Fritchley

Derbyshire Courier 25 May 1918
Gunner Jesse Barratt, Fritchley

Derbyshire Courier 14 December 1918
Several local soldiers who have been prisoners of war in Germany have returned home during the week. They include Lance Corporal Charles Walters, Leicesters, of Fold yard, Crich, who has had six months in captivity; Gunner Jesse Barrett, of Kirkham Lane, Fritchley, who arrived on Monday; Private James Kay was taken prisoner last May, who arrived on Wednesday; and Private Brown of the Green Fritchley.


1891: Eckington

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
James Barratt Head 36 Coke drawer Bulwick
Louisa Barratt wife 32   Muggington
Agnes Barratt daughter 10   Renishaw
Mary J Barratt daughter 8   Eckington
Jesse Barratt son 1   Eckington
Jesse Colburn father in law 62 Colliery horse keeper Mackworth

RG12 piece 2770 folio 18 page 30

1901: Frtitchley

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
Thomas Redfern Head 41 Wood turner Fritchley
Ellen Redfern wife 44   Muggington
Jno Wm Barratt nephew 13   Eckington
Jesse Barratt nephew 11   Eckington

RG13 piece 3231 folio 9 page 10

1911: Fritchley

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
Thomas Redfern Head 51 Wood turner, Glossops Crich
Ellen Redfern wife 54   Muggington
Jesse Barratt nephew 21 Wire worker, Johnsons Eckington

RG14PN20983 RG78PN1251 RD436 SD4 ED12 SN187

1918 Crich voters
Jesse Barrett, Fritchley; absent on military service.

1939 Register: Wingfield Park
Jessie Barratt b.25 May 1890; Dairy Farmer
Sarah A Barratt b.28 May 1898
Edna M Wright (Barratt) b.8 April 1914; hosiery worker
Thomas Barratt (John) 11 January 1917; Dairy Farmer
Cyril Barratt b.21 April 1921; Hosiery Worker
Annie Barratt b.2 November 1922; Hosiery Worker
Maurice Barratt b.3 October 1929; At school
Two closed records