Research undertaken by:
Brian Gibbons, Simon Johnson, Peter Patilla

Supporting research by :
Prunella Bradshaw, Dennis Brook, Rosemary Hall, Andy Micklethwaite, Jane Middleton-Smith, John Mumby, Nivard Ovington

Photographs courtesy of:
Brenda Adderson, Andrew Allsop, Catherine Allsop-Martin, Debbie Bailey, Carol Beadle, John Beresford, Prunella Bradshaw, Nellie Brumwell, David Bull, Elizabeth Bunting, Beryl Calladine, Kathryn Campbell, Margaret Charboneau, Michelle Curzon, Terry Daniels, Michael Davie,s Stephen Dawes, Joyce Denton,
Alan Flint, Keith Fretwell, Mrs E Gratton, Elizabeth Griffiths, Rosemary Hall, Alan Hamblin, Colleen Hardwick, John Hardwick, Barbara Haslam, Christine Hearne, Glynne Hickman, Tony Holmes, Ken Jackson, Pauline Laughlin, Betty Nadin, Stephen Peet, Alan Perry, Michael Porter, Frank Priestley, Ken Pykett, Clifford Raven, Carole Rayner, Kath Rhodes, Fred Sayles, Roy Siddons, Brenda Wallis Smith, R.H. Smith, Stan Smith, Margaret Suddes, Graham Swift, Aileen Taylor, Jennifer Teague, Kathryn Teeter, G. Thompson, Hilda Turner, Nigel Turner, Jim Walker, Hilary Welby, Margery Whitham, Irene Wilkinson, Peter Woolley, Sue Worboys, Roger Worthy, Stu Wykes

Heritage Lottery Fund Grant
This research and its publications would not have been possible without the grant provided by the Heritage Lottery Fund..

Biographical details with photographs and documents were courtesy of:
David Brown for the letters to Annie Porter.
Family of John Thomas and William Roe.
Jack Chell for info on John and Norman Chell.
Joy Goodall for info on Joseph Goodall.
Linda Hardy for info on Oscar Snow.
Roy Harrison for info on James William Walters.
Gina Hewitt and Sue Taylor for info on James Hughes.
Simon Johnson for info on William Taylor and Arthur Walker Harrison.
Sheila Lockie and Maureen Austick for info on Norman Henson.
Trevor Mason for info on Arthur Mason.
Louis Sheldon for info on William Sheldon.
Paul Sheldon for info on Stephen Bollington.
Jean Smith for info on George Ernest Watts.
Jenny Smith for info on John William Taylor.
Neta Stone for info on George Henry Henson.
Terry Pardner for info on Alex Ross.
James Mervyn Taylor and Christine Taylor for info on Herbert Taylor.
Sylvia Winson and Irene Hallsworth for info on Harold Greenwood.
Gladys Hives and Michael Seals for info on Alfred Seals.
Rose Kelland for info on Albert Percy Street.
Linda Hunt and Peter Williamson for info on George Bertram Taylor.
Mervyn Rodgers for info on Will Maurice Mee.
Aubrey Bacon for info on James William Whawell.
Ruth Willmore for info on Thomas Humphrey Hopkinson.
Geoffrey and Norman Bryan-Peach for info on Francis William Bryan Peach.
Margaret Thompson for info on Victor James Seals.
Carol Yates for info on Clement John Mee.
George Hanson Lockey for info on Ernest Hanson Lockey.

British Red Cross for information relating to VAD hospitals and Red Cross nurses.
South Wingfield Local History Society for photographs and documents relating to South Wingfield VAD Hospital.
Crich Heritage Partnership and their donors for access to their photo archives.
Derbyshire Record Office, Matlock for their resources and assistance.
Cliff Housley, Regimental Historian of the Sherwood Foresters.
Peter Donelly, curator, King’s Own Royal Lancaster Regiment.
Potter & Co. Solicitors, Matlock for access to their historical collection of the High Peak News.
John Smedley Ltd. for access to their archive and Jane Middleton Smith, archivist.
Stan Smith for permission to use photographs from the George Smith Collection.
Scott Hamilton webmaster of for information on Herbert Victor Rowley

We have tried to acknowledge all our contributors, but if through an oversight we have omitted a name please accept our apology and notify us so that this can be rectified.

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